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Forkfly Launch Party at Henry’s Tavern September 5, 2010

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ForkflyThursday night I went to Henry’s Tavern in the Pearl for the Forkfly Launch Party. I got there before things really kicked off so my friend John and I decided to have a beer in the bar at Henry’s. I was excited because they have a great beer selection and have Double Mountain’s IRA (my current favorite Oregon Brew). The little ice strip along the bar is a fun little perk. I knew there was free food at the Forkfly event so we did not eat, but some of the happy hour food looked really nice and was quite inexpensive. What was not inexpensive was the beer. $11.50 for two pints during happy hour. Are you kidding? Um, no, they were not. So I don’t think I will be drinking at Henry’s very frequently.

By the time we got back out to the patio, the party was moving. They had sausages, mac n cheese, and sliders fresh off the grill. They were even nice enough to make me some special sliders with no cheese. Ninkasi IPA was flowing and this was not a “one free beer and then you pay” kind of event. You could come back and fill your plastic cup as often as you like. Dangerous, but excellent!

My business partner Courtney and I had registered for the adventure race. It was more a scavenger hunt requiring a smart phone, but luckily, Court has one of those (I only upgraded to a web enabled phone this week- smartphone coming soon I hope). The race was more a scavenger hunt then an adventure race. The Pearl was divided into four zones and you had to go to 10 Forkfly merchants total, at least two in each zone, take a picture, tweet the picture, and then get back to Henry’s. The first place prize was an iPad and I wanted it!

So we set off sprinting. We hit PF Changs, Whole Foods, and Henry’s in zone 1, a yoga studio, a bakery, and another store in zone 3, and two other merchants in zone 2. We were sprinting and weaving our way through First Thursday crowds. I could feel my face getting redder and redder, but I thought we had a good chance of winning. The problem was we had not mapped out zone 4 before we took off and the only places we had addresses for were down on Lovejoy. So we turned it on and ran all the way up to Lovejoy and 13th for our 10th picture and tore back to Henry’s. I kind of thought I might puke. And when we hit Couch Street just a few yards from the entrance, we heard them announce that another team had made it back before us. By two minutes, we finished second.

So we won a room at the Mark Spencer and some concert tickets (I let Courtney have them for her upcoming anniversary- the iPad, we would have used for the business). After that I felt I had earned some more free beer and food so I recovered in style. There was more music and lots of raffle drawings to keep me occupied. I hope Forkfly throws another party soon!


What a weekend Part 1- art museum and good beer April 26, 2010

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Just thinking about the weekend kind of exhausts me. Great times were had in and around PDX! I’m going to break up this post because it is a bit long.

Friday afternoon we kicked things off with happy hour at the Virginia Cafe in honor of my friend Jen who just landed a job. I am a super big fan of the vibe at Virginia Cafe. It is right downtown, but so not at all pretentious. It is like a throwback to the 50’s in there except for the young, hip waitress with bright pink hair. I was a little disappointed by the prices though. Happy hour beers are $4. A bar that feels that dive should not be charging $5 a pint IMHO.

We continued on to the Portland Art Museum which is free the fourth Friday of every month. Man that place is huge! We covered all of the main building and then my new buddy the security guard pointed to a staircase leading underground where you cross over to five more floors of art. Since we’d had a few drinks before going, we breezd through the top floors pretty quickly. But I recommend the musuem as a great way to spend a few hours on a rainy Portland day. And I was pleasantly surprised that it was not very crowded even though it was free.

After the Art Museum we made our way to Tugboat Brewing Company on Ankeny and 7th. We just missed the end of happy hour when Tugboat pints are $3 but regular price is only 50 cents more. Tugboat is my new favorite downtown hangout (which I proved by going back on Saturday). They have walls lined with books and games and a small stage for live music. The bartenders are awesome! The owner tends to hang out at the bar and jokes around with all the regulars. I want my brewpub (you know, the one I am starting in my mind) to have that sort of vibe.

From Tugboat we headed across the street to Bailey’s Taproom. Definitely a more upscale vibe at Bailey’s but the have a terrific selection of beers and also have friendly bartenders. It took a few minutes to find a table but we ended up with a nice spot in the corner. We were hungry so we ordered Mexican food from the place across the road and the guy in the cowboy hat brought it over to us at Bailey’s complete with sauces. The portions were so big we all ended up taking some home. And the food was only about $5 a plate.

Next post will discuss the WW Eat Mobile (food cart fest) and Sunday afternoon wine and pig.