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Cool hikes on Mount Hood July 19, 2010

Posted by stacyb17 in Bars.
Mount Hood

Image c/o planetware.com

Still being a slacker on this but planning to get my sh*t together and start updating regularly again (thanks Annie for the push).

I’ve been getting out as much as possible since the weather has been so nice and want to write a little about a couple of great hikes I have done recently on Mount Hood.

The first was an overnight backpack I did with a some friends a few weeks ago. We drove out to the Ramona Falls trailhead, but instead of doing the super-popular (but very nice) Ramona Falls loop, we went off on the PCT and then took the Timberline Trail up to Bald Mountain.

The hike up on the PCT is pretty strenuous as you gain about 22oo feet in just over 2 miles. There was a sign at the point where the PCT merged with the Timberline warning of difficult trail conditions and advising against going on the trail, but we did not heed the sign. The trail has indeed been washed out in a couple of places and I was a little freaked climbing around washouts with a 30 pound pack and steep dropoffs, but nothing was really unmanageable. When we got up to Bald Mountain, the view of Hood made it totally worth the work.

Coming down from Bald Mountain, you need to ford the Muddy River at three points. The water is direct from the glaciers so quite cold. My friend Jason was able to do the first crossing without having to change shoes, but I needed to go through the water at all three places (he’s pretty tall). We pumped water and hung out for a few minutes after the third crossing and the scenery was spectacular. There was no one around and we were looking at Hood from the side and seeing glaciers and waterfalls.

It was about 10 miles all told til we hit Ramona falls. We had no problem finding a campsite not far from the falls. We got to Ramona Falls late in the afternoon when the light’s reflection made rainbows across the rocks. Definitely try to get there to see it.

The hike out the next day was an easy three and a half miles to the parking lot. When we got back to Portland we rewarded ourselves with burgers and beer at Rogue in the Pearl. Definitely a great summer weekend near PDX!

The second hike I did yesterday as a day hike (but I would consider backpacking it another time). We drove up to Barlow Pass and hiked up to Twin Lakes and Palmateer Point. Lower Twin Lake would be a great place to camp and is only about four miles from the trailhead (three if you go a different route). Coming back we took the trail to Palmateer for some great views of Hood. It wasn’t warm enough to swim, but Lower Twin Lake looked like it would be great for that on warmer days as well. I was surprised because we only saw about six other people on the trail on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

We hit Edgefield on the way home for food and post hike beers. Another great summer outing!

I’m volunteering at the Oregon Brewer’s Festival this week. Hopefully it won’t be too crowded to be enjoyable. I’ll let you know.



1. annie - July 21, 2010

Just how many brewers festivals does Portland have in a given summer?

stacyb17 - July 21, 2010

About one per weekend from mid-June through September :).

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