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OMSI After Dark May 27, 2010

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I’ve been talking about going to OMSI After Dark for months now. This month I finally made it. And I will certainly be going another time.

We arrived at just after 7 PM. In the future I will try to get there earlier as there was a pretty substantial line to get tickets. It is $10 to get into the museum and that covers all of the exhibits, some special shows (like the dry ice bubbles- fun!) and free samples from local vendors. Beer and wine (Bridegeport, Coors, and Cooper Mountain) is available for purchase as are laser light shows and OMNIMax films.

My favorite free sample was the chocolate from Cocoa Velvet. They had samples of Hawaiian and Columbian dark chocolate, each with the same percentage of cacao. But the difference in taste was startling. It is due to the soil, we were told. I need to buy me some Columbian chocolate! My next favorite sample was wine from Cooper Mountain Vineyards. I actually liked their Pinot Gris better than the Pinot Noir, which is strange since I tend to prefer red wine. I do want to go and do one of their tours through the vineyard where they put you to work to earn your wine and talk about what it means to be an organic and biodynamic vineyard.

The regular exhibits in OMSI are geared for kids and are hands on and fun. You can make your hair stand up through static electricity, play connect four against a friend using a robot, and launch a rocket made from a soda bottle and filled with air and water. The Space exhibit I found a bit disappointing, but that may be because I am a science dork (yes, I went to sapce camp as a kid). The dinosaur exhibit was impressive with the full size T-Rex skeleton being the centerpiece.

We also went to see the Grand Canyon OMNIMax movie. It was entertaining. Like many of these films, it presented the theme of water conservation, then spent the entire middle of the movie showing a white water rafting trip and focusing on special effects without any mention of conservation, then ended with “Oh by the way, water conservation is totally vital”. I find that a bit annoying, but it was still not a bad way to spend $4.

This weekend I am headed to the coast for a backpacking/car camping combo trip. I’ll report when I return. Maybe I’ll even finally remember to take a picture or two to post.



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