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Write Around Portland Free Workshop May 12, 2010

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Last night before LOST at the Bagdad I participated in the first of Write Around Portland’s free writing workshops. This week, from Tuesday throgh Saturday, Write Around Portland is offering free workshops in different locations around town. RSVPs are necessary and most of the workshops are full, but last minute cancellations do happen. I know, I had to cancel my reservation for the workshop last night due to travel plans and then was able to get back into the session yesterday afternoon when my plans fell through (I hate Continental airlines, but that is a story for another time).

Write Around Portland is a local nonprofit that offers free writing workshops to people who would not normally have access to them. These people include recovering alcoholics and addicts, unemployed, and older residents. The organization publishes the works of the participants and offers them for sale. Its a pretty cool organization in my mind.

The workshop last night was at the LadyBug Cafe in St. Johns. Apparently I am a new St. John’s groupie (and if it hadn’t been for LOST last night, I definitely would have hit Plew’s Brews for a post workshop beer). There were two separate groups that followed the same exercises. A volunteer from Write Around Portland moderated each group. Notebooks, pens, and snacks were provided.

The moderator provided writing prompts and gave the participants time to write. Use of the prompts was optional. The prompts varied from a sentence beginning to natural items such as rocks and pine cones to pieces of paper with words on them pulled out of a bag. We also did a haiku exercise. After we wrote for a few minutes, participants had the option of sharing what they wrote and getting positive feedback from other group members.

The writing workshop was a good time. Everyone was very supportive and there was a lot of smiling and laughing. I’m considering doing one of their monthly workshops at Hot Lips Pizza on Hawthorne.

I’ve already written about LOST at the Bagdad, but it has definitely increased in popularity. So if you are planning to go for one of the two final episodes of the series, I recommend getting there early to get a good seat and have time to wait on line for beer and food. After the show my friends and I went to the Back Stage bar where it is happy hour after 9 PM. I love the super high ceilings and the chill vibe of that bar. They tend to play good music as well (if you are into classic rock).

I may take a few day hiatus from this as I head out to the East Coast tomorrow night for a weekend in Amish country (family function- no, my family is not Amish, but that is a great mental image for me). Next week- my first Beavers game!



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