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What a weekend Part 1- art museum and good beer April 26, 2010

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Just thinking about the weekend kind of exhausts me. Great times were had in and around PDX! I’m going to break up this post because it is a bit long.

Friday afternoon we kicked things off with happy hour at the Virginia Cafe in honor of my friend Jen who just landed a job. I am a super big fan of the vibe at Virginia Cafe. It is right downtown, but so not at all pretentious. It is like a throwback to the 50’s in there except for the young, hip waitress with bright pink hair. I was a little disappointed by the prices though. Happy hour beers are $4. A bar that feels that dive should not be charging $5 a pint IMHO.

We continued on to the Portland Art Museum which is free the fourth Friday of every month. Man that place is huge! We covered all of the main building and then my new buddy the security guard pointed to a staircase leading underground where you cross over to five more floors of art. Since we’d had a few drinks before going, we breezd through the top floors pretty quickly. But I recommend the musuem as a great way to spend a few hours on a rainy Portland day. And I was pleasantly surprised that it was not very crowded even though it was free.

After the Art Museum we made our way to Tugboat Brewing Company on Ankeny and 7th. We just missed the end of happy hour when Tugboat pints are $3 but regular price is only 50 cents more. Tugboat is my new favorite downtown hangout (which I proved by going back on Saturday). They have walls lined with books and games and a small stage for live music. The bartenders are awesome! The owner tends to hang out at the bar and jokes around with all the regulars. I want my brewpub (you know, the one I am starting in my mind) to have that sort of vibe.

From Tugboat we headed across the street to Bailey’s Taproom. Definitely a more upscale vibe at Bailey’s but the have a terrific selection of beers and also have friendly bartenders. It took a few minutes to find a table but we ended up with a nice spot in the corner. We were hungry so we ordered Mexican food from the place across the road and the guy in the cowboy hat brought it over to us at Bailey’s complete with sauces. The portions were so big we all ended up taking some home. And the food was only about $5 a plate.

Next post will discuss the WW Eat Mobile (food cart fest) and Sunday afternoon wine and pig.



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