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Blazers playoffs at Claudia’s, Wednesday at the Triple Nickel April 23, 2010

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Since Tuesday was LOST night at the Bagdad, we decided to watch the Blazers game down the street at Claudia’s sports bar on Hawthorne and 30th. I had not been there previously so it was nice to check it out.

Claudia’s was, not surprisingly, packed when I arrived a few minutes after tip off. But my friend had managed to score a table in the main room and there was still some bar space and tables in the smaller room available. Most of the TVs were showing the Blazers but a couple were on hockey and baseball (although I don’t think anyone there was watching those). The majority of people in the bar were wearing Blazer’s gear and there were lots of cheers and boos as the game progressed (mostly boos unfortunately). Service was a bit slow due to the crowd, but we still managed to get drinks and food easily enough. The wings and pizza were good and the pizzas are huge. They have a good selection of beers and a nice array of cheap beer (Hamm’s, High Life) if you are pinching pennies. Definitely a good place for sports viewing.

Wednesday night I went to another new-to-me bar, the Triple Nickel on Belmont. I am now in love with this place. Total dive bar. Bartender dropped a couple of cups and made a comment about coming to work on acid. Most of the crowd seemed to be regulars. Oh and Wednesday night is $3 pint night all night long (and $1.50 PBRs). There were a couple of TVs showing the hockey game and a bunch of pool tables in the middle of the room. The back wall is lined with dart boards.

After the Triple Nickel we went for dinner at Wild Abandon down the street. If you are looking for upscale dining that is not too expensive, this place is a great choice. We had oyster shooters and they brought out bread and hummus. I’m glad I only ordered the small portion of the risotto because I could barely finish it. It was super rich and had lots of seafood. My friend had the ahi over pasta which was also tasty.

To end the evening we headed back to the Moon and Sixpence and saw Trash Can Joe. They literally have instruments that are made out of trash cans. My fave is the trash can lid banjo. They play at the pub every Wednesday. It isn’t too crowded but there are definitely a group of regulars.

Tonight, off to free Friday at the Portland Art Musuem. We’ll see where I end up after that.



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