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Mattress as a weapon and contact lens swapping, an adventure in Idaho April 20, 2010

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Ah the trip to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for the weekend. Quite the bargain flight to Spokane at $160 r/t. My friend John and I went to visit our friend Carrie who had lived in Portland previously. We kicked off with a beer in PDX and a beer on the plane. Carrie, true to form as the best host on the planet, had a six pack in the car for us for the drive to CDA.

We hung out at Carrie and her boyfriend Dave’s for awhile. We got to check out (sit on) their three motorcycles and got a tour of their pretty expansive house (affordability in property, a big Idaho perk). Later in the evening we headed to a local bar/restaurant called the Porch for dinner. Carrie and Dave knew the waiter. And the people sitting a few tables away. And a guy at the bar. Carrie and Dave knowing people everywhere we went was a common theme of the weekend. Later we went back to the house to hang out and drink a bit more and catch up.

Saturday we started the day with yummy french toast, bacon and hash browns at the house. Then we dragged the boys down to Lake Coeur d’Alene for a little hike by the water. I learned about a couple of theories as to why Coeur d’Alene, meaning Heart of the Awl, is named that. I don’t think the one about the former slave nailing his ear to a post with an awl in grief of his master’s death sounds all that plausible. And I forgot the other one. I also learned about the children’s book featuring a moose and a mouse that is famous and has a trail dedicated to it in the town (and statues).

Later we went into town and sat outside and had bloody marys. Then we stopped into the mayor’s jewelery shop (my friends know the mayor- no big deal) and went to the Eagle’s club for more beers and burgers at the neighboring Hudson’s hamburgers. Hudson’s has been selling burgers in CDA for over 100 years. As the sun set we went back to Carrie and Dave’s and most of us (Dave stayed home) took a taxi back into town for the evening.

Things get a little hazy at that point. We went to a bar called the something moose and later to another one for dancing. I thin kthat was called the Iron Horse. We ended the night at a bar called Laker’s but I really don’t remember that one. Later in the night I somehow managed to use an air mattress as a weapon and break a lamp. Sorry again Dave.

The next morning everyone, except Dave, was quite hungover. We had bagels and laid on the couch with an occasional moan. Everything looked a bit hazy, but it wasn’t until about 3:30 in the afternoon when we were at a bar called Capone’s for lunch (good pizza at Capone’s and lots of beers on tap- supposedly more beers than tables) that John and I realized we were wearing each other’s contact lenses and swapped them across the table.  

So that was the Idahoan adventure weekend. Lots of booze, a little hiking, a little history, some mayhem and good times all around. Except for the whole lamp thing. If you get a chance, Coeur d’Alene is only 30 miles from Spokane or a 6.5 hour drive from Portland. John threatened to buy a Mustang there to drive back but I am glad that stopped sounding like a good idea. I prefer to fly. Especially when I already have a ticket.

Tonight off to Claudia’s for some basketball viewing (Go Blazers!). Last night I needed a recovery night.



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