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LOST at the Bagdad April 7, 2010

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I’ve been an on again, off again LOST addict since the beginning. This season, however, I am a super dork about the show. While this is in part due to this being the last season of the show where everything is finally coming together, it is certainly also because of the weekly LOST gathering at the Bagdad Theater. I’m a total junkie. I mean it has LOST on the big screen with a bunch of other people who are totally into the show (and not afraid to cheer and boo at the screen- it is Portland, after all) and there is food and booze! Have I mentioned that I love this town.

The crowd has definitely dwindled a bit since the premiere when there was a line around the corner and the line for food/booze would set you back up to an hour. But, honestly, that is kind of a good thing. You can now find a seat without a problem and get a libation in 10 minutes or so, but the theater is far from empty. Cort and Fatboy host and some weeks they have sponsor giveaways which is a nice lil perk. Its too bad that ABC is showing Dancing with the Stars before LOST instead of the previous week’s episode with commentary. Definitely a different target demographic and less incentive to show up early. Ah well.

Anyway, if you are a LOST fan and want to watch with a community of other fans and drink McMenamins bevvies, come on out on a Tuesday. It beats the hell out of sitting at home and watching alone (IMHO). Oh and another perk is that it is happy hour at the Backstage Bar when LOST ends so if you want a nightcap, it is reasonably priced for you.

Before hitting LOST last night, I went to the monthly meeting of the Young Women Social Entrepreneurs. I had to ditch right after the speaker to make it to the Bagdad, but it was a nice group of people (including one guy actually). If you are a women and interested in social entrepreneurship, you may want to check it out.

I may hit a Spanish conversation group tonight at Lucky Lab or I may take it chill. I’ll likely have something to post about a local winery and/or wine bar Thursday. Friday, my friend’s band, Faith and the Muse,  is playing at Berbati’s Pan. If you like chick drummers, check it out.


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