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Spring Beer and Wine Festival April 5, 2010

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Saturday the plan was to hit the Spring Beer and Wine Festival before 2 PM to take advantage of free admission. But when we arrived at the convention center at 1:40, there was a crazy ginormous line to get in. Luckily the organizers sent someone around to pass out free tickets to everyone who was in line by 2 PM (props to them for that). I still can’t figure out why the line was so long as the hall was far from packed when we got in. I think the booths where you buy mugs and tokens were the bottleneck. Next year they should definitely have more than four.

The festival was run in the standard Portland alcohol festival format with $1 tokens exchangable for tastes or glasses of beverages. This festival was nice because some places were giving out free tastes of food and drinks. Food highlights were jerky, oil-free fried chicken, and pretzels and dips (lots and lots of dips). Drink highlights were vodkas and absinthe from Crater Lake and local Integrity Spirits. There were quite a few beers to taste from Oregon as well as other states. Most gave the standard slightly over a third of a mug pour but a few were more generous. I happened to be at the festival with a friend who is a member of Naked Winery’s Club so our whole crew started the day with free tastes of all of the Naked Wines (I highly recommend having a friend who is a club member). Their Barabera is pretty damn awesome!

Anyway, I can’t remember which beers I tried. The idea was to stick to ones I don’t drink all the time in town and to try and find the breweries that gave the best pours. By the end of the afternoon I was just trying to avoid waiting in line for a pour so I think I had a Lompoc beer. Or was it HUB? My palate was completely useless by then as you can probably tell. But overall I give the Spring Beer and Wine Festival two thumbs up. After the initial cluster getting in, the event was well organized and defnitely gave you a great buzz for not so much cash. I thought the breathalizers at the door were cool, but wouldn’t it be better not to charge to use them and maybe encourage some people not to drive home who don’t realize they shouldn’t? Just thinking out loud here…

We did make it to Smash Putt after the festival, but my memory of it is a bit hazy. I think it was way crowded, but a super cool idea. I somehow managed to get a splinter in my thumb and really need to remember that when I am around tweezers. Splinters are annoying.

This week I know I’ll be hitting LOST at the Bagdad tomorrow. I may try and stop into a Spanish conversation group at the Lucky Lab in NW on Wednesday and am definitely going to a show on Friday at Berbati’s Pan. I’ll also post a review of the Moon and Sixpence on Sunday nights later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned.



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